Faculty approve June 20, 2012 tentative agreement

In voting between August 22-24, 2012, faculty voted to approve the June 20, 2012 Tentative Agreement between AFT 2121 and the Distirct.

Yes votes: 355
No votes: 44

As per the Agreement, an annualized reduction of 2.85% in all faculty earnings was implemented with the August 28 paycheck to coincide with the first of nine (9) Pay-by-Load paychecks this semester. Payroll had prepared the changes in pay to go into effect provided AFT gave the nod on Friday, August 24, 2012.

An initial count revealed that the agreement was passing by a large margin, though unfortunately not all ballots had been collected from the campuses by Friday. Our Election Committee conducted the official count (above) on Monday, August 27.

Summer earnings: faculty who worked during the summer will see a “Retro” deduction beginning with the Sept. 11, 2012 paycheck and continuing through the 12/18/12 paycheck. The formula for the deduction: summer earnings X 2.85% divided by 8.

Health premiums: with the Agreement, faculty health premiums will be rolled back to 2011/12 levels starting with the September 11, 2012 paycheck and faculty will receive a refund of their overpayments.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped staff voting tables and organize site voting within a very short timeline, and thank you to everyone who voted for participating in the union’s democratic process. It’s times like these when your participation matters more than ever.

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