District proposes “Worst-Case Scenario” and changes to faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement

In a grueling negotiations session this afternoon, the District presented the AFT 2121 negotiations team with a comprehensive “Worst-case Budget Scenario” in the event that Proposition 30 and Proposition A fail. This proposal—a veritable laundry list of givebacks the District is seeking—includes major concessions that address broad areas, including workload, compensation, and benefits for all faculty. 

“Because of the potential magnitude of the fiscal deficit and the District’s insufficient fund balance, the need for long-term structural savings, and the complexity of planning involved,” the proposal explains, “the District cannot wait until after the November 2012 election to move forward on negotiations with all unions.”

They cited the short timeline—likely made shorter by the intense scrutiny the District is currently under—available to react to an additional $11 million in trigger cuts. Under worst-case circumstances, the District indicated it would need to save an additional $6,980,000 on top of the huge savings from a devasting reduction in program (and thus layoffs) that the trigger cuts (already written into the State budget in the event of Proposition 30’s failure) would mean.

Under the worst-case scenario where Props A and 30 both fail, the District indicated it would seek/impose an additional across-the-board wage reduction for all employees for the current fiscal year of up to 4.7% (applied retroactively beginning January 2013, this would result in a 9.4% reduction through June 2013). For the following fiscal year, beginning July 2013, District would seek/impose an additional cut of up to 6.28% (effectively, 10.98% ongoing).

Among the additional proposals from the District are items such as a 10% increase in faculty workload without additional pay; a 10% reduction in pro-rata pay for all part-time faculty; large cuts in medical, dental, and other benefits, including charging for parking permits and contributions to retiree medical care; and elimination of sabbaticals and all tenure review pay.

Clearly these proposals are unacceptable. AFT 2121 responded by demanding a full accounting of savings to this date and possible projected savings measures and new sources of revenue. We continue to express our opposition to lowering faculty working conditions in a District where conditions have already eroded so significantly.

The AFT 2121 Negotiations Team will keep faculty up-to-date on developments. Our Collective Bargaining Agreement with the District is set to expire December 31st, 2012, and as of this week the teams will be at the table approximately twice a week.

Take action: Of course these proposals and the College’s bottom line can be dramatically impacted by your efforts to get out the vote next Tuesday. Join our ongoing efforts to ensure a more sustainable College—let’s make election day a success for City College of San Francisco! We can still win Props A and 30—don’t just hope: Get Out the Vote!

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