Assemblymember introduces measure for enhanced stabilization of college funding

This urgent measure for enhanced stabilization funding in the community colleges would allow CCSF to smooth out funding over next few yearsColleges receiving a severe accreditation sanction often suffer immediate softening of their enrollment. This leads to a potential funding loss, putting downward pressure on the college’s ability to make adjustments and recover its full accreditation. A loss of funding at this critical time often leads to a precipitous cutback of course offerings and staff resources creating a self-perpetuating downward spiral limiting access to a key source of a community-based higher education.

Summary: AB 1199 would create a smoothing formula for enrollment-related funding losses for any community college that is under severe sanction from the accreditation agency and is also forecasting current year enrollment decline. Any such community college that experiences enrollment decline over the subsequent year will be temporarily held harmless for loss of state funds for failing to achieve its enrollment target. This provision would be for one year only and available to colleges that have used up the stabilization window existing under current law.

Eligibility: Colleges eligible for this smoothing formula must meet the following conditions: (1) either be under a “probation” or “show cause” accreditation sanction; (2) be making satisfactory progress on developing and implementing an improvement plan as certified by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office; and (3) have identified a new funding source sufficient to allow for a full repayment of funds equal to the amount owed as a result of falling short of the annual enrollment target — this repayment is to be made in equal installments over the succeeding two years. The “certification” could only be provided after presentation of a six-month accreditation compliance report from the college’s Board of Trustees (BoT). This report signed by the local college chancellor and passed by the BoT must detail progress to date and contain a timetable for completion of a full and satisfactory accreditation response.

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