AFT 2121 challenges lack of Board transparency

AFT 2121 challenges lack of Board transparency, resistance to input, and skewed priorities in CCSF tentative budget for 2013/14 

In a letter to John Rizzo, President of the CCSF Board of Trustees, AFT 2121 called on the Board to roll back restrictions on “public comment” at Board meetings as it considers adoption of the critical 2013/14 Tentative Budget, and to change the meeting location to a larger venue to allow access to more members of the community and the public. At its March meeting, after only 24 hours of opportunity for analysis of the budget, the Board restricted public comment to 60 seconds, then entertained a motion to adopt the Tentative Budget before realizing they were violating Section 7001 of their own Board Policy, which requires a “first reading” of the budget precisely to allow for sunshining to the public. (Read the full letter here.)

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