Problem with your paycheck? Missing hours? Help your Union help you

There continue to be many different types of payroll problems reported to AFT 2121. The Union has developed a form for submitting complaints to the Payroll Department and the Union simultaneously. We will use the form to track individual problems as well as to find patterns that can be dealt with on a larger scale.

If you are missing pay in your paycheck due to missing hours, there are steps that need to be taken before submitting this form in order to speed up the process, since the problem may be due to delays or errors at the Department level or in the Office of Instruction in filing the necessary paperwork with the Payroll Department.

First, start with your department chair or coordinator. Ask for a copy of the paperwork (your work order and timesheets they submitted for the hours that you have not been paid and the work order) to be sure it is accurate and was submitted properly. If it was not, request that the department chair submit the accurate paperwork immediately. If it was already submitted, request that your chair follow up with the Office of Instruction to be sure this office processed your work order and submitted the information to the Payroll Department so that you can be paid. Your department chair should request that the Office of Instruction notify both you and your chair immediately to report that the paperwork has been submitted to Payroll. It may be necessary for you to get the name of the contact person at the Office of Instruction from your chair so you can follow up if you do not hear from the Office of Instruction in a timely manner.

If the paperwork is found to have cleared the Office of Instruction, then the problem does lie in Payroll. At that juncture, click here to use the on-line form. When you submit the form, it will go to both Payroll and the Union. At that time, also send a copy of the paystub(s) with the problem, the relevant timesheet(s) and the work order to the Union. You can scan and send these by email ( or as hard copies by Campus Mail. As we have stated in other articles, it may be possible for you to request an off-cycle check.

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