Turn this budget (and negotiations) right side up! AFT 2121 calls on faculty and community to attend Thursday Board meeting

AFT 2121 has been at the bargaining table with the District only once in the last couple of weeks. At the last bargaining session on May 13, 2013, AFT demanded to bargain over the distribution of new revenues for 2013-14, as required by the salary formula in the AFT 2121 contract with the District.  

This demand comes after the District rejected our comprehensive counterproposal to suspend the formula for 2013-14 in exchange for an agreement to return the premature 4.4% unilateral wage cut for 2012-13 and rescind the 5% cut planned for 2013-14.  AFT’s proposal would have enabled the District to fund its budget priorities—including facility maintenance, technology, and increasing the reserve—while restoring faculty salaries and other needs. (Instead, they want to roll salaries back to pre-2006 levels!) More importantly, it would have represented a commitment by the parties to work cooperatively to address the challenges facing the College.

The District’s rejection of AFT’s proposal sadly signals the District’s intention to continue to ignore our voice and our efforts and to move forward unilaterally.  As a result, AFT now intends to claim faculty’s rightful share of the millions of dollars of new revenue the District will receive for 2013-14.

The District claims it can wait until a later date to “certify” that there is funding to restore any of the cuts. However, the contract and the salary formula say otherwise. Thus, District negotiators wish to eliminate the formula and move forward with the implementation of unnecessary, unilateral cuts. In other words, interim leadership at CCSF only supports the formula when it can use it to cut wages—not when the “trombone” goes out as revenues return to pre-recession levels.

In the meantime, the revenue picture for CCSF and public education in California look brighter with the release of the Governor’s May Revision, and AFT 2121’s budget work continues, despite challenges in obtaining important details, projections, and assumptions from the District. Join us at 5pm tomorrow to learn more.

Demonstrate at the Thursday, May 23 Board of Trustees Meeting at 5:00 p.m.

AFT 2121 continues to demand a reordering of priorities in the “upside down” Tentative Budget—and so far, the Board has been unwilling to adopt the administration’s upside down budget! Join us before Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting at 5:00 p.m. at MUB 140 on Ocean campus.

Join AFT 2121 in presenting alternative 2013/14 budget numbers that restore the unilateral wage cuts and balance the use of Prop A funds to better meet the needs of students, workers, and our communities. A better budget is possible!

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