Defend Healthy San Francisco July 25

Thursday, July 25th
City Hall, Room 263, 2:00 pm

Many people are left out of the Affordable Care Act.

Immigrants – Many immigrants are completely ineligible for health coverage through Covered California (the Health Care Exchange). They depend on Healthy San Francisco for their health care.

Restaurant, retail, and other hourly workers – Obamacare incentivizes employers to cut workers’ schedules below 30 hours per week. It was a provision written into the bill by conservatives and big companies like Walmart. We need to defend Healthy SF so thousands of workers don’t have their incomes slashed.

Public sector workers & taxpayers – Healthy SF married San Francisco’s first class public health system with payments from employers who don’t buy insurance. Without it, taxpayers (i.e. the City) will be left holding the bag for tens of thousands of people who count on public health care.

We need to defend Healthy San Francisco now more than ever. Join us Thursday, July 25th, City Hall, Room 263, 2:00 pm. Download the flyer. For more information contact the San Francisco Labor Council,

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