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An accrediting agency called ACCJC has made a move towards revoking City College of San Francisco’s accreditation. This is being reported in some media sources as the “closure” of CCSF.

However, the accreditation decision is NOT final and the College is NOT closing.

College officials have until July 31, 2013 to request a review and an appeal of ACCJC’s decision. State and local elected officials and leaders have vowed to keep City College of San Francisco open; your teachers, counselors, and librarians are pursuing all possible avenues to oppose the ACCJC decision and keep CCSF open.

All the classes you have taken at CCSF so far—and all those you will take through Spring 2014—remain accredited and can be transferred as agreed upon with other institutions.

We need your help to keep the college open and accredited for the future.

  • Continue studying at CCSF! Keep City College of San Francisco vital and strong by staying enrolled here, and by helping your friends enroll here.
  • Tell your story. What does City College of San Francisco mean to you? What has it done for you? What would you do if accreditation was taken from City College of San Francisco? Go to: http://iamcitycollege.tumblr.com to tell your story!
  • If you are concerned about the future of our college, you can do something about it. Here are some groups you can join or get information from:
    • Associated Students of CCSF (student government): Shanell Williams, Student Trustee, swilli13@mail.ccsf.edu. You can contact CCSF Student Activities at 415-239-3000 for campus leader info, too.
    • Save City College Coalition: www.saveccsf.org
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