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AFT 2121 encourages you to sign these petitions! 

Move City College Forward statement of support

Brought to us by a new community coalition under the leadership of our friends at Chinese for Affirmative Action! Sign the petition letter to Mayor Ed Lee, California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris, and CCSF Special Trustee Robert Agrella to keep City College open and move it forward.

City College of San Francisco is the only viable option for tens of thousands of residents to access equal educational opportunities, and its survival is among the most pressing civil rights issues facing our community. It is simply too important to San Francisco and the Bay Area to be allowed to close. Click here to sign.

Faculty statement of support for maintaining CCSF’s accreditation

Of course we want CCSF to be accredited! This internal statement for CCSF faculty was developed by faculty, including Dan Hayes and George Rush of the PE & Dance Department. Click here to sign.

DOE: Stop the unfair closure of City College of San Francisco

Tell the United States Department of Education to rein in the ACCJC, an out of control accreditation commission, and reverse the unfair ruling to close City College of San Francisco. Click to here to sign this concise and important statement.

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