Support from Guild of Glendale Community College, AFT Local 2276

GCG_SupportThank you to the Guild of Glendale Community College for the latest letter of support!

To Whom It May Concern:

The Guild of Glendale Community College respectfully requests that ACCJC reconsider its decision to terminate City College of San Francisco’s accreditation. Our request is based on City College of San Francisco’s continued excellence in providing a quality education for members of its community. In fact, the site visiting team commended the college for “understanding and responding to the needs of the communities served by the college.”

We are not only concerned about the livelihood of the thousands of women and men who dedicate their lives to City College of San Francisco, but we, as a faculty union, are also troubled by the thought of an institution that serves 85,000 students being shut down. The college has effectively served its surrounding communities since 1935. During the past 78 years, countless individuals have been provided with opportunities to better their lives in a way that only community colleges can address.

Our understanding is that most of the sanctions against City College of San Francisco relate to issues pertaining to management, planning and assessment rather than the commendable quality of education that the college has provided for several decades. In light of this, we, again, respectfully request that you reconsider terminating the college’s accreditation and provide them with another opportunity to address its problems, so that the students and community who depend on the college can continue to receive a quality education and the employees can continue to make a living and contribute to our economy.

Glendale College Guild, AFT, Local 2276

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