Board of Education commissioners support CCSF

On Wednesday evening, the Augmented Rules, Policy, and Legislation Committee of the SFUSD Board of Education, chaired by Commissioner Matt Haney, took up City College issues. Associate Superintendent Kevin Truitt and others gave a City College/SFUSD Collaborations and Programs update. 

Preliminary data presented indicates there has been a 24% decrease in enrollment from Fall 12 to Fall 13 of SFUSD seniors enrolling at CCSF. For San Francisco’s graduating seniors, this enrollment decline appears to be more than twice that of other credit courses–and enrollment figures for Fall 2012 already represented a significant drop from the previous fall.

Board Commissioners Haney, Kim Shree Maufas, and Jill Wynns called for a follow-up hearing before the entire Board of Education, noting the catastrophic consequences to SFUSD students if CCSF were to close.

This information session took place just as the commissioners and other education leaders in the Bay Area were copied on a letter from State Superintendent Tom Torlakson outlining the value of CCSF to the Bay Area’s EC/K12 student population and urging the accrediting commission to rescind the sanction in light of findings from the Department of Education.
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Why are so many families opting out of standardized testing? Oliver sums it up nicely– and hilariously.

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Lie #8. ACCJC didn’t do anything wrong or treat CCSF unfairly.

Judge Karnow ruled that the ACCJC violated the law. Yet the commission claims..

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“Killikelly, who has worked at CCSF for 18 years teaching political science, said the teachers at the college are the lowest paid in comparison..

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Lie #7. ACCJC can terminate accreditation without due process.

Since colleges under sanction must be noticed around any identified deficiencies..

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Lie #6. ACCJC knows better than its evaluation teams.

ACCJC thinks it knows better than the teams it sends out to review colleges. It put the..

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