Latest data on City College’s faculty show startling drops

Released Wednesday, the San Francisco Budget and Legislative Analyst’s informative Policy Analysis Report, “Evaluation of the Impact of the Potential Closure of San Francisco City College,” requested by Supervisor Eric Mar, demonstrates the positive economic impact CCSF has on our community. (Read our overview of this groundbreaking study.)

Though the report does not capture dramatic shifts at the college over the last year, particularly in regard to changes in staffing and spending, AFT 2121 is now able to provide additional information.

The charts below provide our most up-to-date information, based entirely on SFCCD data. These build on the excellent work that the city auditor has already provided in Exhibits 12 and 13 of the study (page 16).

Full staffing information for Fall 2013 is not yet available. However, based on payroll data from August 30th, the number of Fall 2013 faculty is down by 150 over Fall 2012, and over 19% since 2009:


Comparative data based on the FY2012-13 budget, adopted in September 2012, does not reflect actual costs or spending, and CCSF did not amended its budget. Estimated numbers on actual ’12-13 spending, available in from the District in the budget for FY2013-14, tell a starker story.


Download a pdf of these updated exhibits.

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