Pressure on pay issues yielding some results

As you may know (especially if you’re one of the hundreds who have been affected), CCSF employees have suffered paycheck problems that have mounted significantly over the last year. 

Many faculty members have reported major issues with their most recent paychecks.

Nearly half of the reported problems this cycle are underpayments, while another 8% are overpayments; nearly one-third are due to incorrect step or column placement or credit; and about 15% are STRS reporting errors. Some checks reflect more than one of these errors.

The district has acknowledged that sick leave for the semester was not credited to any PT faculty on the August payroll.

AFT 2121’s grievance team has been working diligently to resolve these problems. The district’s Employee Relations staff have reported progress on several group pay issues, including back pay to faculty who retired before July 1, 2013, back pay owed to PE faculty, and late parking reimbursements.

Emergency off-cycle checks have been cut for some of the faculty who did not receive any pay on August 30. Still, only 20% of all problems reported from the August pay cycle have been resolved.

With new hires and our increased pressure to get this essential function of any employer done correctly, these issues are at long last getting some serious attention from administration.

Last Friday, management convened a new ad hoc administrative task force to deal with the myriad of pay problems. A new payroll head, Associate Dean Kerry Wilhite, has been hired and other vacant positions filled. Those of you who have reached the full and nonfunctioning voicemail boxes in the payroll department recently may be interested to know that the district will be setting up a “help desk” staffed by someone tasked with answering and returning phone calls and improving, streamlining, and clarifying payroll processes that led to the pay failures in the first place.

We’re not going to let up the pressure until all faculty are paid in full and on time. Join us on September 25 at 3 pm at Gough Street to welcome Associate Dean Wilhite to City College with a bouquet of flowers, candy for her staff, and a list of any payroll problems still outstanding as of that day. RSVP here.

Have you checked your check yet?

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