Professional Development Day coming up on September 17, 2013

The District website information on flex requirements hasn’t been updated for 2013/14. With a Professional Development Day coming up on September 17, 2013, we wanted to review this year’s flex calendar and faculty flex obligations.

Faculty Flex Day obligations for 2013/14

The academic calendar for 2013/14 calls for six (6) flex days, four (4) of which are Professional Development flex days and two (2) of which are Independent flex days. For 2013-14, full-time faculty are required to engage in 20 hours of official flex activity (4 Professional Days X 5 hours = 20 hours) and 10 hours of independent flex (2 Independent Flex days X 5 hours = 10) for a total of 30 hours.

  • This fall 2013 semester, there are three (3) flex days: August 12 (Independent Flex ), August 13 (Professional Development), and September 17 (Professional Development).
  • In spring 2014, there are three (3) flex days: January 9 (Professional Development), February 6 (Professional Development), and April 25 (Independent Flex ).
  • All faculty are required to report their annual flex activities by June 30, 2014 on either the Professional Development Flex Report Form, or the Independent Flex Report Form. Professional Development flex activities include workshops and meetings held at CCSF, while Independent flex activities are broadly defined to include anything from individual study to workshops or conferences. Documentation of faculty flex activities is important in order to ensure state funding.

Details of faculty flex requirements and forms for reporting flex activities are available online here.

  • In general, full-time faculty members are expected to attend five (5) flex hours on Professional Development flex days, including department meetings.
  • Part-time faculty members who are pay-by-load are paid for all flex days and are therefore expected to engage in official flex activities based on their average daily workload, unless it creates a direct conflict with other obligations.
  • Part-time faculty who are paid hourly will only be paid for their scheduled hours of work that happen to fall on flex days and are therefore only required to attend official flex activity for the number of hours paid (unless they conflict with other obligations).
  • Some workshops and meetings are now approved for professional development flex credit that are outside of the regular schedule and carry their own CRN number.
  • Everyone is encouraged to attend a diversity workshop.
  • When submitting flex forms, make a copy for your records and return forms to: Human Resources, 33 Gough Street, SF CA 94103.

AFT can help clarify or advise you regarding your flex day requirements. Call the office at 415-585-2121.

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