January 9 AFT 2121 flex day meetings

AFT 2121 Meeting
Alisa Messer, AFT Local 2121 Leadership

Time: 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Place: Visual Arts 115
Credit: 1.50

Get the latest from your union and our collective campaigns. Join us to get questions answered, to raise concerns, and to discuss the next steps we will take together. 

Part-Time Faculty Meeting
Hugo Aparicio, AFT 2121 Part-Timer Committee Chair

Time: 2:40 – 3:30
Place: Visual Arts 115
Credit: 0.75

The AFT 2121 Part-Timer Committee is dedicated to the betterment of education and the improvement of conditions of the part-time faculty. It is organized and directed by part-time faculty and it is open to all CCSF faculty. Any Part-Time member of Local 2121 (in good standing) is a member of the Part-Timer Committee. Full-time faculty is welcome to attend the Part-Timer Committee meetings and participate in the discussions, even though he/she does not have voting rights.

The goals of the AFT 2121 Part-Timer Committee are:
1. Improvement of education of our students at CCSF.
2. Fair education conditions for all CCSF students.
3. Fair working conditions for faculty.
4. Equal opportunity for all CCSF students.
5. Protection of academic freedoms.

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