District moves to impose new rules on full-time overloads

Without negotiations with the Union, the District is imposing new rules governing how overloads are compensated, especially when full-time faculty accumulate units over time in excess of a full-time load. The District is also threatening to hold retiring faculty who “owe” units to the College financially liable for the underage. Some administrators are claiming that the Union has agreed to these provisions under the new contract ratified by faculty last December. This is patently false. Article 18.G, Schedule Deviations, governs what occurs when full-time faculty accumulate excess units or when they go underload. There has been no change in this contract provision. Moreover, our contract protects against unilateral changes in practice, including how a contract provision has been implemented over time.

AFT has just received a copy of a memo dated January 10, 2014, from Tom Boegel, Associate VC of Instruction, to Deans and Department Chairs outlining new practices involving overloads. AFT was not provided this memo by the District and has not analyzed, much less agreed to, its provisions. The Union will analyze this administrative directive and take appropriate action to enforce the contract.

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