District payroll and CalSTRS reporting errors continue to haunt faculty

As if it is not enough that faculty pay is lagging more than 4% behind 2007 scales, errors in faculty pay and a backlog of CalSTRS reporting issues continue to make life miserable for too many faculty. Nor can faculty even discern their correct pay or sick leave accounts owing to a lack of transparency on electronic pay stubs and the indecipherable postings at the CCSF payroll website. 

While some progress on the backlog has occurred under the new payroll director and filling of some other payroll staff positions, it is clear that the faculty pay system is broken. In this period of extreme scrutiny of our College, this is an area of actual dysfunction that has received far too little effort and notice. Add to this the insult of new, top-tier administrators coming in off-the-charts on the administrative salary schedule, and it is easy to see why faculty and AFT are fuming.

Adding salt to our wounds is the failure of the District to provide AFT with electronic pay schedules so that at least we can provide direct assistance to faculty in checking their pay. Faculty turn to the Union for help because they receive so little help from the District.

Our union’s form to Report Pay Problems is still an essential tool to help us track payroll errors and solve pay problems.

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