Administration disregards basic faculty/union rights

The overhaul of CCSF’s administration has brought a level of disregard and failure to recognize basic employee and union rights not seen at the College in several decades. Under the aegis of the State-imposed “super” Trustee, an array of violations and disrespect towards faculty continue to undermine morale.

Many of these issues will come as no surprise to faculty, who contact the Union with new and unresolved issues daily. Here is a taste of what is being visited on faculty and AFT 2121 by administration:

  • an epidemic of underpayments and failures to pay faculty at all for work performed
  • scuttling of the WEB4 paycheck interface and its replacement with incomplete and confusing pay and sick leave data
  • ongoing 4% wage cut and incomprehensible and incomplete salary tables and rates making it impossible for faculty to determine their correct pay
  • errors in sick leave accrual
  • a backlog of misreporting to CalSTRS negatively impacting retirement service credit and pensions of retired faculty
  • failure to acknowledge or respond to employee grievances, forcing the Union to move them to the next higher step
  • unilateral changes in working conditions and refusals or delays in negotiating with the Union over such changes
  • delays and failures to respond to AFT requests for information related to negotiable issues/changes in working conditions
  • failure to provide CCSF budget forecasts for 2013/14 as required under the contract

In mid-March, after many months of mounting frustration about the District’s persistent failure to respond or act in the face of a growing mountain of issues, AFT put the District on notice about these violations, enumerated in detail, demanding immediate action to correct these violations.

The District has since begun to respond and has made efforts to address some of these problems. For instance, a draft of new salary scales that were implemented in January have finally been provided to AFT 2121, as has more information about the issue of full-time underloads/overloads.

Administrators continue to ask that we be patient given the administration’s priorities around restoring accreditation. But patience is often—and quite reasonably—in short supply when faculty haven’t received a paycheck or errors go uncorrected and even unacknowledged for months. Working on accreditation and meeting basic obligations to employees are not either/or priorities in competition with each other.

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