Union files mass grievance on missing sick leave and pay info

Fed up with the District’s lack of transparency in providing pay and sick leave information, a whopping ninety AFT 2121 faculty filed a mass grievance May 13th to restore information previously provided to faculty on electronic pay advices. AFT alleges violations of both Art. 17.C.5 (failure to provide an accounting of sick leave) and the past practice of providing pay advice images with pay and assignment detail (Art. 3.B).

Archived images for faculty pay advices disappeared several months ago, leaving many faculty in the dark about basic pay information and unable to check for accuracy. Current data provided on WEB4 has made it virtually impossible to decipher faculty paychecks or to track sick leave use and accrual. These are basic expectations of employment anywhere. To make matters worse, we’ve identified numerous issues with sick leave credit and deductions, among other payroll mishaps, but the lack of information puts error-checking out of reach. Administration has not taken corrective action, and many members told us we could not let stand the excuses and consistent refrains of “we’ll get to that eventually.”

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