District targets full-time faculty for load deficits based on faulty report

Having repeatedly raised concerns about the impact of recent administrative actions regarding full-time faculty with accumulated load deficits (see District “discovers” full-time faculty underloads/overloads), AFT 2121 has confirmed that the District is acting on faulty data. Administrators are relying on a “faculty load report” that has many inaccuracies. We noticed the District about this earlier in the week and warned against taking any further unilateral action, adding: “We expect an overhaul of District accounting of faculty workloads, which clearly is broken.” 

AFT 2121 heard from 22 full-time faculty members with alleged deficits and has reached out to the rest. 13 individuals say they owe the District nothing. Some had already had pay reduced to reflect load; others had not been properly credited for other work. We demanded that the District fix these inaccuracies before it takes action to reduce faculty workload deficits. Under Article 18.G, full-timers who accumulate deficits in excess of 3 units (0.2 FTE) can be assigned additional courses without pay until the deficit is made up or opt to have their pay reduced.

We also reported to the District the distress that many faculty experienced upon learning of District claims that they owe the District units, especially with all of the extra work borne by faculty during this accreditation crisis. As administration has moved aggressively to cancel low-enrolled classes in recent semesters, underloads and load deficits have been on the rise. Many faculty expressed concern about circumstances like these that are beyond their control.

Finally, AFT challenged the District’s threats to go after retiring faculty who “owe” the District units, which could result in an unauthorized reduction in the faculty member’s pay.

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