Plan to restructure counseling raises concerns, questions

Counselors have voiced major misgivings about the leadership of Vice-Chancellor of Student Services and about her restructuring plan for student services at CCSF. Several collective letters have attempted to raise issues with administration, and now the majority of CCSF counselors have signed on to a letter to Chancellor Tyler detailing their criticisms and concerns. The Chancellor attended a recent counselor meeting but failed to adequately address counseling issues. A second negotiating session on the impact of restructuring on faculty working conditions is also being scheduled.

In response to Vice-Chancellor Naples’ recent “Plan for Additional Counselors at the CCSF Centers,” AFT 2121 has raised the following concerns/questions to administration:

  • The Plan calls for 9.1 full-time equivalent faculty (FTEF) counseling positions, shorting services at Ocean by 5.1 FTEF by moving existing counseling positions to the “Centers.” If counselors are moved from Ocean to other locations, which counseling services at Ocean will be cut or reduced? More counseling staff at the campuses should not come at the expense of serving students on Ocean campus. The Plan is silent about student and staffing needs at Ocean.
  • The VC is requesting categorical hires, i.e. non tenure-track positions, despite non-grant funding sources, and including staffing in mandated State programs (EOPS, DSPS), and/or prescribing general counseling duties―all of which mitigate against categorical employment.
  • Any transfers from Ocean must first allow for announcement of the positions and program details and voluntary transfer.
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