David Campos on City College of San Francisco

Wondering why AFT 2121 has endorsed David Campos for Assembly? The teachers, counselors, and librarians of AFT 2121 support David Campos because he is fighting for a San Francisco for all of us, for all of our communities– not for the few, for the “haves” who can afford to play in a city with the fastest growing income inequality in the nation.


Campos is the choice of the San Francisco Labor Council and the California Labor Federation. He is a champion for City College, and he knows the value of a quality education. Educators are for David Campos: he is the choice of the teachers and the paras in our SF Unified school district, of the counselors and librarians and teaching faculty in our colleges. Educators know that David Campos fights for the issues that enrich our students’ lives, families, and communities.

This July 18, 2013 video will give you a good sense of the kind of fighter that Campos is for our City. Just a few days after the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) announces its intention to disaccredit CCSF, Supervisor David Campos address a packed crowd in the SF State Building to talk about what CCSF means to SF:

“In many respects what’s happening to City College is a fundamental question of who we are as a city. Are we really going to be a city where you have two groups of people, the haves and the have nots? Are we really going to be the city that closes the door of opportunity to 100,000 people who rely on this institution? I don’t believe that’s the city that we are; I don’t believe that’s the city that we want to be…. Because the ACCJC really chose the wrong city to mess with.”
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