The ACCJC Appeal Panel Ruling on CCSF Appeal

Besides the new ‘restoration status’ policy announced last week, ACCJC’s hand-picked appeals panel released its decision on CCSF. There are important elements of the recent ruling on the CCSF Appeal that should not be overlooked. 1) The Hearing Appeal Panel rejected all of CCSF’s claims for appeal with one exception. The hearing panel concluded “good cause” existed to allow consideration of new evidence so as to determine whether CCSF “is now” in substantial compliance with accreditation standards.

2) The Hearing Appeal Panel ruled that the ACCJC must look at evidence from June 7th, 2013 to May 21, 2014 (and the most recent audit report) in considering the termination of CCSF’s accreditation. A decision of the ACCJC would not take place until they go through their analysis and decide whether to allow more time, accredit, or terminate or make some other unforeseen decision. This is what Chancellor Tyler over optimistically referred to as a “set aside” of the termination decision in his email to the college community on June 13th, 2014.

3) The ruling by the Hearing Appeal Panel suggests that the ACCJC can circumvent its own rules and processes if it wants to and create new ones for just the CCSF case. Furthermore CCSF would not get to do a self evaluation, and has no right to review the information. No timeline for this process was spelled out in the decision.

We will keep you informed as events unfold.

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Tim Killikelly
AFT 2121

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