Alert: District can’t get faculty pay right

Faculty pay is a mess at CCSF. We don’t mean the pay cuts and lack of cost-of-living increases, which is a huge issue that we are taking on in upcoming contract negotiations! We mean the errors upon errors in applying the rates currently on the books: a credit teacher who is asked to sub for another credit teacher being paid at the noncredit sub rate, for example. That’s $50 per hour instead of $80 per hour. Or take the veteran full-time instructor who teaches an overload and finds that they have suddenly been bumped down to step 1.
In Chemistry, every single part-time instructor in the department was either grossly underpaid or got no pay at all on their August paycheck. That is serious. A quick look at the September faculty payroll shows continued gross underpayment for these part-timers. Full-timers in Chemistry were so outraged at this treatment that they fired off a letter of protest to Chancellor Tyler.
For part-time instructors upgraded to temporary full-time, getting paid what they are entitled to under the AFT contract is a nightmare. We have several members who are owed thousands in back pay, one dating back to Fall 2012.
AFT has several grievance officers tracking dozens of complaints. What we don’t know is how many other faculty are getting the short end of the stick and don’t realize it. So, please check your check and check your sick leave. Then, talk to your precinct rep. Click here for the list of precinct reps.  If you don’t have a precinct rep in your precinct yet please contact our Union, 415-585-2121.
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