ACCJC Restoration Team Visit to begin on Sunday, Nov. 16th

Beginning on November 16 the ACCJC Restoration visiting team will arrive at City College of San Francisco. One of the hallmarks of the faculty at CCSF during the accreditation crisis has been our professionalism, our commitment to students and the institution as a whole. Members of the Restoration visiting team may visit your class. As we now know from court testimony, a previous visiting team in 2012 unanimously did not recommend “show cause.” It was the Commissioners who decided to take that action contrary to visiting team recommendation. Also in court testimony, it was made clear we provide students with an outstanding education. We need to make sure the Restoration Visiting Team has a clear understanding of our commitment to excellence.

Maintaining professionalism towards the Restoration visiting team does not mean that the Restoration Status process is a fair one. Under the rules of Restoration even if the visiting team and the commission itself agree that City College has fully met all accreditation standards we will still not be accredited. We will only be accepted into Restoration status, not fully accredited. Furthermore, City College of San Francisco under Restoration will be held to a higher standard than all other colleges in the United States to remain accredited. This is part of the continuing unfair practices of the ACCJC. We will continue to fight on all fronts to keep the college accredited with open access for all.

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