Negotiating Team Elected!

On Tuesday, the Delegate Assembly elected the following people to our negotiating team:

  • Morris Bibliowicz (DTN ESL)
  • Jessica Buchsbaum (DTN ESL)
  • Patty Chong-Delon (OCEAN COUNSELING)
  • Richard Compean (OCEAN ENGLISH)
  • Malaika Finkelstein (DTN/MIS DSPS)
  • Wendy Kaufmyn (OCEAN ENGINEERING)
  • Tim Killikelly (OCEAN SOCIAL SCIENCES)
  • Wendy Owens (OCEAN/JAD LIBRARY)

In addition, AFT 2121 President Tim Killikelly has appointed part-time counselor Li Lovett and full-time Math teacher Mary Bravewoman to the team. Many thanks to everyone who ran and participated in our new process for electing a negotiating team.

Now that we have a negotiating team, we need some negotiating proposals! We are holding Bargaining Platform meetings during the next few weeks. The meetings have two purposes:

  1. Educate faculty about the timeline for negotiations, how bargaining is going to work, and our plan to win a good contract.
  2. Get faculty input on what is most important for them in our contract and find out what they want to add or change about our contract

To see when and where these Bargaining Platform meetings are being held, visit  our calendar —

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