Update: AFT 2121 October General Membership Meeting

At our AFT 2121 General Membership Meeting on October 21st:

1) We questioned State Community College Chancellor Brice Harris about the future of our college and on the illegal actions of the ACCJC:

2) We also discussed our upcoming contract negotiations and how our union decided to incorporate greater input into the selection of the negotiating team:

  • Any member who fills out this form and gets the signature of 20 other members can be nominated to the negotiating team. Those running for the negotiating team can also write a 100 word statement describing why they would be a good negotiating team member. Both the form and the statement are due Friday, November 14.
  • Our negotiating team will be elected by the Delegate Assembly at their November 18 meeting on the Chinatown campus.
  • Read the full unapproved minutes from our general membership meeting.
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