Reorganization: We Need a Genuine College-wide Dialogue with ALL Faculty

AFT 2121 has said in the past and is saying it again: any reorganization must:

1. Have the promotion of student success as its top priority

2. Clearly identify problems to be solved

3. Explain how these changes will solve these problems and lead to further student success.

The District has the authority to implement a reorganization. While there are work issues that were negotiated with the DCC, the reorganization, according to the District’s own words, is not something that is negotiated.  Yet when asked by faculty at public meetings, District administrators have said they could not discuss the details of reorganization because they were subjects of confidential negotiations. Does that sound like genuine dialogue?

They further claim that the process that has occurred WAS the genuine consultation with the faculty. We all know that this is simply not true. In fact, the District has used this process to avoid having a meaningful college-wide dialogue about the wisdom of this proposed reorganization with the faculty.

We again call upon the District to take responsibility and engage ALL the faculty in a genuine dialogue.

Please sign the reorganization letter and come to Public Comment at the the next Board meeting Thursday December 18th, 2014 4PM at MUB 140 to let STWEP Robert Agrella know that we want answers to our questions about reorganization and a  genuine, college-wide dialogue on any reorganization plan.

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