Gough Street Not to Have Classes as Previously Announced

Yesterday, Chancellor Tyler announced that hundreds of students and teachers who were turned away from the Civic Center Campus without any advance notice on the first day of the Spring semester will not be able to begin classes at 33 Gough Street this coming Monday as planned. Instead, students who come to Gough Street on Monday will be sent to other campuses. The reason given was that Gough Street had seismic problems. We are still awaiting documentation on what new information has led to both the relocation of classes from the Civic Center building and now at Gough Street.

We are frustrated and angered by the string of poor decisions about the Civic Center campus. These top-down decisions would not have happened if we had an empowered Board of Trustees and a democratic, open, decision-making process at our college. Without our elected board the administration is not accountable to students, faculty, staff or the local community. This morning we demanded, and were promised, involvement in the process of finding a home in the Tenderloin for our Civic Center faculty and students. Administration must move responsibly to develop a long term plan for seismic upgrade for all buildings in such need. Our goal should be retaining classes for our Tenderloin students so they can have the educational opportunities they deserve. Please stay tuned for further developments.

Faculty grill Chancellor Tyler on his string of poor decisions about Civic Center.

Faculty grill Chancellor Tyler on his string of poor decisions about Civic Center.


Faculty grill Chancellor Tyler on his string of poor decisions about Civic Center.

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