Are you SURE You’re a Member?

Did you know that membership in AFT 2121 isn’t automatic? Many of us assume we are members of our union, but are surprised to find out that we may be on the list of those who never filled out a membership form – the Fee-Payers. Union members pay the same amount every month in dues as our colleagues who are “Fee-Payers” pay in fees.

If you’re not 100% sure that you are a member, check with your Precinct Rep, or call the union office to check your status (415-585-2121). If you’re not a member yet, now is the time to complete your membership form and return it to the AFT 2121 office ASAP. We need you!

As a member, you demonstrate support of your union, and a commitment to actively engage in the democratic rights and responsibilities of membership. Members are eligible to vote for precinct representatives and officers. As we begin the process of negotiating our next contract, our membership rate shows our strength as a Union local, and generates power at the bargaining table. There are also financial benefits: access to a free $10K life insurance policy, and a long list of Union-friendly discounts.

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