Civic Center scheduling = Victory for faculty and students

Victory doesn’t describe the manufactured crisis at Civic Center Campus, but the beleaguered Faculty of CVC (formerly Alemany) fought back hard and won. When the District tried to impose a “compressed calendar” at the last minute without consulting students, faculty, coordinators, or department chairs, there was a general outcry.

Administrators, following the orders of Chancellor Arthur Tyler, had assigned faculty longer daily hours and an impossibly extended work week, which would have made unreasonable demands on student schedules as well.

After a number of public meetings where AFT 2121 members and leaders protested the inhumane new working/learning conditions, the district backed off and dropped their “compressed calendar” entirely.

As the CVC crisis continues to unfold, we will continue to press for faculty and students’ rights.The Tenderloin community needs and deserves to have a CCSF campus in their neighborhood, with the close-knit Civic Center Campus “family” intact.

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