AFT 2121 Bargaining Team Outlines Proposals to Rebuild our Enrollment

Yesterday, our bargaining team met with Administration for a “pre-negotiations” meeting about rebuilding enrollment at City College. 11004548_906316266066080_5198273099149512441_oWhile Administration has said that enrollment is not within the “scope” of bargaining, we started off our presentation with an explanation of how enrollment is the central bargaining issue. With our stability funding ending in 2.5 years, Administration needs to work with faculty to immediately find ways to boost enrollment. The alternative — a dramatically reduced college — is not an option. CCSF Administration cannot cut its way out of these problems – nor can it continue to force draconian cuts on faculty. The solution is to grow our enrollment.

Members of the AFT 2121 bargaining team outlined proposals for growing our enrollment,  including reducing minimum class size to 15, greatly reducing class cancellation, and putting resources into grassroots enrollment outreach. Faculty members Nathan Atkinson (Aero, Airport), Stephen Brady (Auto, Evans), Carole Meagher (Business, Ocean), Robin Pugh (Business, Downtown), Venette Cook (ESL, Civic Center), Vivian Ikeda (ESL, Civic Center), Cynthia Augsjoost (ESL, Civic Center), Danny Halford (ESL, John Adams), and Susan Lopez (ESL, Mission) all spoke eloquently and passionately about how CCSF could rebuild its enrollment. Administration’s team seemed engaged in listening to the faculty’s personal stories and experiences and their arguments that faculty involvement in decision-making is essential to rebuilding CCSF. 11070083_906331646064542_4604328626454752574_n

Our bargaining team was heartened to see so many faculty watching and participating in this meeting. Having so many faculty in the room was powerful, and it left an obvious impression on Administration’s bargaining team.

While we have not completely decided on the agenda for the next negotiations session, we expect that the District will respond and react to some of the ideas presented today. We also plan to start presenting on salary.

Please join us next week if you are able — the next “pre-negotiations” meeting is Wednesday, March 25, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Wellness Center (Room TBA).


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