Negotiations update: Health Service System rates for 2015

Because the District and HSS prematurely announced “final” rates for 2015 in December without first negotiating with AFT, faculty are receiving a notice from the District apologizing for the error and explaining why some faculty will see “refund” on their paychecks. Since initial publication of health care rates, AFT was able to negotiate lower rates for several categories. The table below details monthly health care rates faculty will pay Jan.-Dec. 2015 along with the overcharge “refund” amount which will appear in April 2015 paychecks.

Importantly, the negotiated rates will appear in our contract and represent the baseline costs and for negotiations over health care rates for 2016.

Negotiated Rates Final Rates published Dec. 2014 “Refund” Amounts per month Total “Refund”Paid 4.30.15
Blue Shield
Ee only 54.81 54.81 0.00
Ee + 1 268.47 268.47 0.00
Ee + 2 625.14 625.14 0.00
Ee only 0.00 0.00 0.00
Ee + 1 158.15 161.21 3.06 36.72
Ee + 2 474.68 479.53 4.85 58.20
City Hlth Plan
Ee only 561.77 680.05 118.28 1,419.36
Ee + 1 1,217.42 1,476.65 259.23 3,110.76
Ee + 2 1,909.71 2,325.15 415.44 4,985.28

Rates are monthly

Pre-payment for summer coverage for part-time faculty for Jan. – May, 2015

Part-timers with health benefits are paying more in monthly health care premiums because they are also pre-paying for coverage during the summer months of no premium deductions: June, July, and August.  To pre-pay for the three months of coverage, part-timers will see higher health care premiums for January thru May equal to 1.6 times the monthly rates listed above.

 Minimal salary restoration (0.5%) due April 30

The District notice also mentions the 0.5% salary “increase” due faculty on the April 30 paycheck. Actually, this is the final minimal restoration to salaries after the 5% ongoing salary cut suffered on July 1, 2013. Together with the 1% restoration on January 1, 2014, faculty salaries will still be 3.5% lower than 2007-08, the last time  faculty received a raise at CCSF.

The 0.5% pay restoration is effective with the April 30, 2015 paycheck, but retroactive to January 1, 2015. Faculty will also receive a retro pay amount for the months of Jan-Mar, 2015.

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