Negotions Updates: District wants to keep union members out

The District has rejected our union’s initial proposal to have “open negotiations,” whereby AFT 2121 unit members can attend and observe Negotiations sessions. Does the District really believe that keeping members out of the negotiations is going to help in reaching an agreement and dealing with the struggles ahead for the college? We need more transparency, not less, to move forward. What does the District fear by creating a more open and transparent process?

If the District is serious about moving forward they need to treat the faculty with basic respect by agreeing to a more transparent process. 

Come on March 18th to Pre-Negotiations to demand open process and discuss issues critical to the college: Wednesday, March 18, 2:30-4:30pm, Ocean Campus, Wellness Center, Room 103

Contract Negotiations Update: Building a Powerful Platform

Our fabulous AFT 2121 members have been hard at work building a powerful contract campaign. Together, we’ve collected almost 600 bargaining surveys, held more than 20 in-depth discussions with members at negotiations listening sessions, worked together in Delegate Assembly and Negotiating Team meetings to brainstorm, write, develop, edit and hone a comprehensive Negotiations Platform Sunshine document to kick off our campaign to win a fair contract.

AFT Members Bring Sunshine to the BOT

On Thursday February 26, our intrepid members met on the steps of Science Hall for a beach-party style rally as we prepared to bring the Bargaining Platform document to our CCSF Board of Trustees. To the tune of “You are My Sunshine,” we sang “We want a contract, a super contract.” A crowd of faculty wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying AFT 2121 sunshine signs grabbed the attention of the new BOT members.  Many thanks to the following individuals for speaking out and sharing their stories relating to the issues we wish to bargain over:  Chris Hanzo, Tim Killikelly, Alisa Messer, Alan D’Souza, Bob DelVecchio, Jim Armstrong, Aliyah Dunn-Salahuddin, Tarik Farrar, Malaika Finkelstein, Greg Keech, Ann Fontanella, Jessica Buchsbaum, Carole Fitzgerald, Beth Erikson, Venette Cook, Debbie Giusto, Erin Cunningham, Debbie Wilensky, Anna-Lisa Helmy.


Moving Forward, Waiting for the District

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the District was not prepared to present and sunshine their proposal to the board. Although AFT 2121 provided several months’ notice that we would sunshine on 2/26, the District was unable to put together their plan in time for the board meeting. We have requested that we go forward with scheduled Wednesday afternoon meetings anyway, using the time to present information and clarify issues even though we will not be officially bargaining until the district manages to sunshine its proposals. This is a huge disappointment and delay for the team—we want to be at the table working towards better pay and working conditions for our members now.

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