Restoration Pay and Health Service System Rates for 2015

In 2013 contract negotiations, we won a partial (1.5%) restoration of previous pay cuts. The first part of that restoration (1%) happened in January 2014.  The second part (0.5%) of that restoration kicked in January 2015, but because the District claimed “cash flow” concerns, faculty did not see the 0.5% restoration money until the April 2015 paycheck. View the new pay scales for the slightly higher base pay starting in April 2015.

We also saw a small one-time retro payment in April. This was paying us back for the 0.5% restoration for January, February, and March 2015. The retro payment should have been 0.5% of everything you earned in those months.

In addition, the District overcharged some faculty for health insurance starting in January 2015. If you were overcharged, you should have receive a refund on the April 2015 paycheck. Get the details here.

And remember, we always strongly encourage you to CHECK YOUR CHECK!

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