District cites ACCJC “requirements” and rejects proposals on enrollment, class cancellations, open negotiations

District rejects AFT 2121 proposals on enrollment and class cancellations.

The District rejected our proposals for a joint AFT 2121- District enrollment recovery initiative and class cancellations – before we had a chance to present them. The District insists that enrollment is outside the “scope of bargaining.” But as enrollment goes, so goes the budget and faculty livelihoods. The college cannot do this without the faculty. Our proposal for an Enrollment Recovery Initiative includes: rebuilding and growing programs, targeted outreach to prospective students, recruiting faculty to coordinate these efforts, and offering alternative assignments in this campaign to faculty who’ve had their classes cut.

District taking correcting facts “under advisement,” reject open negotiations again.

Mickey Branca, Dean of Employee Relations, put out a bizarre email on May 6th that claimed that AFT 2121 decided on having closed negotiations. This is completely inaccurate. We have from the beginning advocated, and continue to advocate for, open negotiations – so that our members can participate in the process of negotiations. We demanded that Mickey Branca make a correction to the college community. Mickey did not respond and to our amazement management attorney Jeff Sloan said he would take our request for a correction of facts “under advisement.” When probed, Jeff Sloan again said that the District did not want open negotiations, but are merely willing to allow college members in for presentations by subject matter experts.

 ACCJC “requirements” show up at negotiations in violation of labor law. 

We all know the negative impact that the ACCJC has had on our college. Their shadow hangs  over our negotiations as well, despite it being explicitly illegal for them to interfere in labor negotiations. During one part of the District’s budget presentation they referred to the OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) contributions as a “requirement”, which it legally is not. When questioned further they pointed to “Standards” which in the ACCJC Restoration document. This is another indication of ACCJC’s continuing interference with labor negotiations, which is also happening around the state. The issue of ACCJC’s illegal interference in labor negotiations is a central element of the CFT-AFT 2121 lawsuit that was not part of the Herrera lawsuit. As developments occur in our case we will keep you informed.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Support and Demand a Fair Contract – Rally and Press Conference on Wednesday May 13th, 12-1 at Ram Plaza. Share the flyer!

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