New payroll system

New Payroll System —or— What the heck is FLAC?

CCSF is implementing a new payroll system for all faculty in June 2015. We don’t have much detail yet, but we’re cautiously optimistic. Administration has promised to meet with us the week of June 22nd to explain how it will work. Mickey Branca has also said he will write a short explanation that will be distributed with paychecks in June, July, August, and September. Department chairs have already received some training. Administration has promised to provide training to all faculty on flex day, and hopefully at other times as well.
Here’s what we know so far:
The new system is a part of Banner called “Faculty Load and Compensation”, or FLAC. The Office of Instruction tested it in Spring 2015 and is implementing it starting June 2015. Our actual pay should not change. But load and pay will be calculated differently, and paystubs will look a bit different.
  • UNITS: Assignments will be defined with a number of units. These are work units, not related to the credits that students receive. A full-time instructor teaching credit lecture classes will have a load of 15 units, and all other assignments will be calculated relative to that.
  • HOURLY ASSIGNMENTS: Only day-to-day subbing will be hourly. Everything else, even short-term classes and non-instructional assignments, will be calculated in units.
  • WEB4: We’ll be able to look up our assignments and see the unit value of each. Everything may not appear yet, but it will eventually be in Web4/ Employee Services/ Faculty Load and Compensation/ Compensation and Acknowledgement. We should be able to check our assignments and pay before each semester starts.
  • PAYSTUBS: Paysend, unfortunately, will show only a Banner code and pay for each assignment. It will not list CRN, unit value, or pay rate. We will have to find that information in Web4. We hope to change that in the future.
Unfortunately, this is all the information we have at the moment. Administration has promised to provide more detail in the next few weeks.
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