New payroll system highlights — or what the heck is FLAC?

CCSF is implementing a new payroll system in June 2015. Full-time base pay will not be affected. The new system applies to all part-timers and to full-time overload assignments, including summer. It may bring some real improvements, once we get used to it. Administration has promised to provide training to all faculty on flex day, and hopefully at other times as well.

The new system is a part of Banner called “Faculty Load and Compensation”, or FLAC. Our actual pay should not change, except that hourly assignments will now be paid by load. But load and pay will be calculated differently, and paystubs will look a bit different.

Your AFT 2121 precinct reps can help explain FLAC. Also, the Office of Instruction has a 10-page guide to FLAC for faculty. It’s the second link at:


Assignments will be defined with a number of “workload units”. These are not related to the credits that students receive. For instance:
100% FTE is defined as 15 workload units.
A part-timer at 60% FTE would have a workload of 9.
To translate between hours, FTE, and workload units, use this calculator:

That means we will NOT be paid hourly. We’ve been hearing that some of the Web4 paystubs still list hourly rates. These are incorrect. Please look at the paysend paystubs.

Only day-to-day subbing will be hourly. Everything else, even summer, short-term classes and non-instructional assignments, will be calculated in workload units.

This will look especially strange for non-credit instructors. We’re used to 100% FTE being 25 hours, but now 100% FTE = 15 workload units. We need to get used to thinking in terms of workload, not hours.


Rates for everyone, including full-timers, are not yet posted on the AFT website. We’ll have those up as soon as we can. For now, you can find the payscales on CCSF’s website, ( but it can be confusing to figure out which table is which. The ones you want are the ones that say “workload.” They list pay per semester per “workload unit”.

Actual pay per assignment should not change significantly. There may be small changes in shifting from hourly to PBL, but nothing big. However, June 2015 pay might not look like June 2014 pay, since now many summer assignments are paid evenly over two months instead of unevenly per hour.


Paysend will basically look the same, except that we will no longer see the names of our assignments. Instead, we’ll see a bunch of messy Banner codes. We can look up what those codes mean on Web4/Employee/Faculty Load and Compensation/Compensation and Acknowledgment. Each assignment is listed with its code and its name in English.


Regular full-time in-load assignments will not appear in the FLAC section of Web4. This is a huge surprise – for months, we’ve been told that FLAC applies to everyone.

FLAC information is divided by credit and non-credit. Non-instructional assignments are usually listed under credit.

The compensation you see there is for the entire assignment. So someone whose assignment runs through June and July will receive half on each paycheck.

In Web4, we’ll see the name of each assignment, the “workload”, the gross pay, and a bunch of extraneous junk we don’t need. If you click on the name of the assignment, you get to a similar-looking page that shows step, column, and pay rate. This only works for instructional assignments; non-instructional assignments show on Web4 but don’t have the link for second page.

You can also “acknowledge” that you’ve seen the assignment. Admin would like us to click the acknowledgment button, but we will get paid whether we do this or not.

If you spot a mistake, talk to your chair ASAP. If the chair isn’t around, talk to the dean. And please let AFT know, as well.

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