​Same Old, Same Old: District Has No Compensation Offer

AFT 2121 Proposes Salary Increases 

Our AFT 2121 bargaining team returned to the negotiating table with the District today. Despite having promised to return to the table after summer break with a proposal, to our dismay the District brought nothing related to faculty compensation. Instead what they have chosen to prioritize are changes to the faculty evaluation system. We need to look more carefully over their evaluation proposal before composing a detailed response. It appears aimed at increasing management control over academic areas best left to the faculty. After all summer to work on substantive proposals, this is what they choose to bring to the table?

We put our compensation proposal on the table. In addition to the immediate restoration of faculty salaries to 2007-08 levels (3.7%), our Union is proposing a further 16% percent salary increase over three years to account for losses in faculty earnings to inflation and to bring salaries up to parity with Bay Area community colleges. This salary improvement is critical to rebuilding our College, both to retain current faculty and to attract the best faculty for our students. AFT is also proposing to boost initial salaries for new faculty by allowing for salary step credit for previous full-time and part-time work experience.

Clearly, administration does not understand how urgently faculty need to have compensation restored. This is why we are calling for faculty to vote to establish a Hardship Fund for our local in case we have no choice but to call for a strike down the line to make sure we win a fair contract. In the meantime, we have to show the administration that we are serious about our demands and will not put up with further delays.

Come learn more at our union FLEX meeting this Friday from 2:30-4pm at the Ocean Campus in MUB 140.

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