FLEX Day shows faculty Unity!

Welcome back! We are looking forward to a new semester and working toward having a fair contract! Over the summer time our union worked on a one-on-one organizing campaign. During that time over 350 members signed a pledge card to help create a strike hardship fund. At Flex Day hundreds more signed the pledge as we showed our unity. Remaining united throughout thecontract campaign is going to be critical for our achieving success.

Our Union's FLEX meeting was packed!

Our Flex Day meeting was attended by well over 150 members. MUB 140 was standing room only! Our unity and solidarity extends way beyond San Francisco. California Federation of Teachers Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Frietas spoke of how our struggle at City College has both statewide and national implications. We are ready to win!

We have much work to be done as we continue our contract campaign for a fair contract. 

Want to join the action in our contract campaign? Please contact Michael McCown at mmcown@aft2121.org


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