Faculty vote overwhelmingly for Strike Hardship Fund

In the highest turnout ever in our local, faculty voted overwhelmingly to create a Strike Hardship Fund. More than 600 ballots were cast and the “Yes” vote was 93%! By casting ballots to prepare a strike fund and make an extra monthly sacrifice out of each paycheck, faculty are also saying “No!” to the years of cutbacks the CCSF community has endured.

Let this be an important wake up call to the District: faculty need a contract that values the work we do for the college. We need a contract that will allow us to afford the city we serve. We need a contract that reflects our commitment to provide diverse course offerings for the students of San Francisco. And we are willing to take action to get that contract. The proposals the District brought to us yesterday do not do that.

Here are  their proposals for the next 3 years:

  • COLA of 1.02% and COLA for two more years for all faculty.
  • 1.1% increase for full timers over 2007 salaries along which a 3.7% restoration.
  • No increase and no restoration for part timers beyond COLA.
  • They also proposed to link salary increases in future years to “productivity goals” which essentially means more students per class.
  • They signaled that “productivity goals” would be primarily achieved by canceling lower enrolled classes when they said their compensation proposal was all predicated on imposing a 15% cut of classes over the next three semesters.

Our compensation proposal calls for an immediate 3.7% restoration for all faculty and a 16% raise over 3 years.And stay tuned for a fuller response to the District’s proposal from our AFT 2121 bargaining team.

Now that we have shown the District our determination to win a fair contract we need to continue to build momentum. You can be part of that by getting involved in our contract campaign. Please contact Alan D’Souza (adsouza@aft2121.org) or Michael McCown (mmccown@aft2121.org).

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