Negs Update | Info picket for fair pay: Tuesday, Sept. 22

Compensation and budget: District hides funds needed for our pay

The District’s compensation proposal remains the same. Our union continues to demand pay restoration and significant pay increases. Here’s a comparison of our Union’s and the District’s compensation proposals.

The Board-adopted 2015/16 CCSF budget transfer continues the pattern of excessive transfers out of General Fund to reserves, OPEB, etc., depriving faculty a fair wage. However, the District has failed to provide AFT with the specific financial information about the budget that we need to bargain over wages including actual revenues and expenditures from 2014/15 and current expenditures on faculty pay. What is clear is that the District has been overstating spending on faculty salaries and benefits in the budget, “hiding” money that could improve faculty pay.

Support our bargaining team: Info Picket this Tuesday

Momentum around our fight is already building and our AFT 2121 bargaining team needs our support. Join us this Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 2:30pm for an informational picket in front of the Chinatown campus. You can help get the word out to our students and community about our fight for decent salaries and a fair contract. After the picket we will discuss next steps for our contract campaign at the Delegate Assembly meeting from 3-5pm in room 602. View the DA agenda.

Our workload: no unilateral increases

AFT demanded that the District halt its move to convert faculty “conference” hours to lab hours, which would unilaterally increase workload and reduce pay for those hours in credit instruction. Faculty who teach “conference” hours currently receive load credit/pay at the lecture rate. AFT presented course outlines of classes in Auto and Construction demonstrating that the District is misapplying the low 0.67 “lab performance” load factor to courses that are solely or predominantly lecturecourses.

FLAC and faculty sick leave accrual: track our sick leave correctly!

With the implementation of the Banner’s system “FLAC” module for all part-time and overload pay, sick leave accrual for part-time ceased this semester. Faculty sick leave accounting has been fraught with errors in recent years but this appears to be a wholesale failure of the new system. AFT called on the District to correct sick leave accrual immediately in compliance with the contract and the Ed. Code.

Our Union: Fight for a fair contract!


The AFL-CIO has switched our email server from Salsalabs to Action Network. As we work with national AFT to transition our email list to the new system please be sure to share AFT 2121 blasts with fellow faculty and tell them to contact us at if they are not receiving our communications. 

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