Paystub confusion, August 2015

The new FLAC payroll system has generated a lot of confusion. Here is some information to clarify the the August paystubs.

  • As always, you can check to see if the total amount is correct here:
  • Report payroll problems here:
  • Info about FLAC:


Full-timers saw an extra line on our paysend paystubs that shouldn’t have been there. It reads “Def Pay”, and gives an amount that is reflected below as “Non-Cash Salary Gross Total”. It’s a mistake. This line should not have appeared on our paystubs. But the mistake is only on the paystubs , it’s not in our actual pay. The amount is not figured into your gross pay or deductions. If you just cross out the “Def Pay” and “Non-Cash” lines, your paystub should be correct.

The Web4 paystubs are just flat-out wrong. They list nonsensical hourly rates for part-timers who are not even paid hourly. If you can, ignore them and look only at the paysend paystubs. If you have to use the Web4 version, don’t worry about the hours or rates, ONLY look at the total compensation.

FLAC in Web4 does seem to work. We’re only talking about the paystubs here.

There was no sick pay accrual for part-timers on the August paycheck. The District is working on it, and hopes to have it fixed by the September check.

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