After waiting for a long promised salary proposal our AFT 2121 bargaining team finally received one. The District’s proposal is paltry and inadequate. They are offering a mere 1.1% raise above our 2007 salaries, and that is only for full timers! Part timers would get no restoration of salary. They also offered a 1% across the board COLA right now and COLA for the next two years after that.

They put this proposal on the table despite their own projections of tremendous reserve funds of tens of millions of dollars. The reserves are 19% of 2015/2016 budget, 24% of 2016/2017 budget and 22% of 2017/2018 budget. They have the funds to give all of us a raise.

After negotiations, AFT 2121 President and Bargaining Team member Tim Killikelly expressed his dismay: “This is an insulting proposal to all faculty. How can people live in the Bay Area on this? They need to get serious about creating competitive and livable wages.”

The District is also planning to cut 15% of classes over the next three semesters to manage enrollment. Team member Wendy Kaufmyn said, “This ‘enrollment’ plan is a direct attack on diversity at our college and undermines equity.”

We do not have to accept this!

Vote ‘YES’ tomorrow in our referendum to establish a Strike Hardship Fund andshow the District that we are united and willing to take action for a fair contract! 

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