District forces strike vote!

Executive Board and Negotiations Team Call for Strike Authorization Vote in response to District Unfair Labor Practices

AFT 2121 calls on members to authorize a one day strike. On the recommendation of the Bargaining Team and after a long discussion last night, our Executive Board voted to call for a strike authorization vote by the general membership. This is in response to the District’s Unfair Labor Practices. The District has chosen not to bargain in good faith and has undermined the negotiation process. 

AFT 2121 has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with California’s Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) against the District to seek remedy for its illegal behavior. The District has negotiated in bad faith by violating our contract and has taken unilateral action on an item that we are currently negotiating; additionally, campus police have illegally videotaped AFT 2121 informational picket lines to intimidate faculty participating in collective action.

The District has established a pattern in negotiations of treating faculty unfairly. As the ULP charges state, they have demonstrated specific bad faith bargaining behavior by taking unilateral action concerning faculty workload. On Oct 7, the District presented its proposal on faculty workload including a provision that upon retirement, full-time faculty would “repay” to the District the “monetary value” of any underload units. Then, prior to any agreement with our Union, the District sent certified letters to 32 (and counting) retired full-time faculty claiming thousands of dollars in “overpayments” for underload units going back to the 1990’s!

The reasons for faculty going underload varies, but faculty from whom the District is demanding payment in the tens of thousands of dollars include members with cancer and others who took underloads through no fault of their own; any so-called “overpayments” are entirely the fault of management error. Our collective bargaining agreement specifies a process for resolving underload balances which the District did not follow.

We demand the District cease and desist its illegal actions. 

We demand the District immediately stop attacking our members.

We demand that the District restore integrity to the bargaining process. 

We demand the District get back to the work of negotiating a fair faculty contract in good faith.

We call on AFT 2121 members to authorize a one day Unfair Labor Practice strike in protest.

We will not allow any of our fellow union members to be treated in this egregious manner; our solidarity cannot be broken. 

We are unified and powerful!

We are marching tomorrow for the City College SF deserves! 

Voting will commence on Friday, November 20 (the day of the AFT holiday party) and close on November 30th (with a break in voting for the Thanksgiving Holiday). More details to follow.

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