Frequently Asked Questions: AFT 2121 Unfair Labor Practice Strike

ULP Strike FAQ (pdf)
Download the ULP Charges here.

Q: Why is AFT 2121 calling for a one-day strike? 

A: We are calling for a one-day strike to protest District Unfair Labor Practices. By choosing to bargain in bad faith the District has derailed the negotiations process and forced us to take action. They have taken unilateral action on an item under negotiation and have intimidated our members during union activities; the District must remedy these actions for good faith negotiations to move forward.

Q: How can the District avert the strike?

A: If Susan Lamb and Guy Lease end bad faith bargaining and surveillance of union activity Unfair Labor Practices the strike can be averted. They must: demonstrate commitment to good faith negotiations by rescinding all letters demanding payment from former AFT 2121 unit members; adhere to established past practices; refrain from surveillance of Union activities; instruct administrators and CCSF police in writing of the District and BOT’s commitment to respect faculty members’ rights concerning protected activity.

Q: What is an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike?

A: An Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike is different than a strike directly over what is being negotiated at the bargaining table. This ULP strike is provoked by the District’s refusal to follow labor law and deal fairly with our union. The specific Unfair Labor Practices in our situation concern bad faith bargaining and the intimidation of union members.

Q: What will happen to classes on that day if the District does not avert the strike?

A: If the District chooses not to reverse their Unfair Labor Practices, faculty should cancel classes on Dec. 7 and inform their students they are welcome to join AFT 2121 picket lines.

Q: Will faculty be paid for the strike day?

A: Faculty should expect not to be paid.

Q: What if the strike is on a day when a particular faculty member is not scheduled to work?

A: Faculty who are not scheduled to work should sign up for a picket shift and show up to picket on the day of the strike. Picketing will be essential for a successful strike. Additionally, we encourage faculty who are not working on that day to make a solidarity donation to the AFT 2121 Strike Hardship Fund.

Q: Will health insurance still be valid for that day?

A: Yes.

Q: What will happen if we are unable to complete required material before exams?

A: Faculty should plan on not having that day available for instruction. Striking is about taking action to advance a better future for our students and faculty. In the short term, a strike may be significantly inconvenient. However, if it was not an action that was a significant inconvenience it would have no power.

Q: Should faculty inform students about the strike?

A: Yes. Faculty should inform students that the District has forced a strike because of Unfair Labor Practices. Faculty and students should be prepared for class to be cancelled Monday Dec. 7. Faculty, take this opportunity to explain to students why the faculty contract fight matters to the future of the college: to retain high quality faculty, to keep class size minimums low (and therefore increase enrollment opportunities), to maintain the professionalism of the work that faculty do, and the diversity of programs offered. If these issues matter to your students let them know they are welcome to join AFT 2121 picket lines if we do have to go out.

Q: How can students assist on the day of the strike?

A: Students are welcome to walk AFT 2121 picket lines to support striking faculty. Our strike is specifically about District Unfair Labor Practices, but it is emblematic of the larger issues facing CCSF: the disempowerment of students and faculty. We need to stand together to have a voice.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: History shows unions are most successful when members are united, engaged around a plan to win, and have relationships with each other. You can help by talking with your coworkers, spreading the word about our strike, joining us on the picket line, and making a solidarity donation to the Strike Hardship Fund. Call our office for more info at 415-585- 2121.

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