ULP strike and authorization vote logistics

Strike logistics:

The tentative date of our one day Unfair Labor Practice strike is Monday, Dec. 7.That will give Special Trustee Guy Lease and Chancellor Lamb nearly one week from the time the strike vote concludes on Nov. 30th to reverse their decision to negotiate in bad faith by taking unilateral action on faculty workloads by illegally demanding money “back” from retirees and some current members and addressing their Unfair Labor Practices.

If the District takes unilateral action on items that are under negotiation, the message is clear: the District does not care about negotiating in good faith. Our Board of Trustees should be concerned that these actions are being taken in their name.

We urge faculty to take united action and vote YES to strike for one day to demonstrate that WE DO take these negotiations seriously and will take action to defend our rights.Please inform students that class could be cancelled on Dec. 7unless the District makes a renewed commitment to good faith bargaining. Take this opportunity to explain to students why the faculty contract fight matters to the future of the college: to retain high quality faculty, to keep class size minimums low (and therefore increase enrollment opportunities), to maintain the professionalism of the work that faculty do, and the diversity of programs offered. If these issues matter to your students let them know they are welcome to join AFT 2121 picket lines if we do have to go out.

Voting locations:

Do you know where your Strike Authorization Polling Place is? See the full list of voting times and locations on our website

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