Negotiations Update | Distorted “Analysis” & Unilateral Pay Reduction

No Movement from District on Compensation. Only Distorted and Inaccurate ” Analysis” of AFT Proposal

There was no counter proposal offered by the District to our latest compensation offer. Instead what we received was an “analysis” of our proposal. It was filled with inaccuracies and distortions designed to scare us into not demanding the pay that we all deserve.

Incredibly, their “analysis” missed $23 million! This “analysis” contradicted what they reported to the state by $10 million. They also again missed the $13 million AFT 2121 “found” several months ago and that the District acknowledges exists.

Although the District agreed to meet with us twice over the holiday break we let them know that they need to provide us with a proposal that closes the gap on compensation soon. That will be the only way we can avoid going to impasse and a possible strike.

Faculty Slams District Move on Unilateral Change to Pay and Workload

Another possible Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) is looming unless the District ceases moving towards unilaterally imposing pay cuts and workload changes on hundreds of faculty members. District negotiators have flatly rejected all AFT proposals to address the gross inequities in faculty workloads in lab assignments, which earn less pay and load credit than lecture hours.
To add insult to injury, the College has announced that they must now redesignate hundreds of hours of credit instruction, now designated as “conference” or lecture hours, to lab hours, to comply with State regs on student units. In doing so, the District is unilaterally cutting load credit and pay for faculty teaching these courses. AFT has proposed a solution to this problem, by creating designations, such as “conference” lab or a Music “lab,” with the same lecture load credit that the hours currently receive. Accepting our proposal would cost the District nothing.
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