Negotiations Update | Victory party today

Negotiations Update

AFT 2121 presents compensation proposal with State COLA

In response to the District’s offer to pass on the State COLA over a three year contract, AFT 2121 presented a re-worked compensation proposal calling for across-the-board increases as follows:

  • 3.7% restoration to 2007/08 levels
  • State-funded Cost-of-Living (COLA) in each year of the contract (1% for 2015/16)
  • Additional 4% in each year of the contract
  • Restoration of lost salary step of 2009/10

District rejects all AFT 2121 proposals on faculty workload

The District flatly rejected all proposals to improve faculty workloads (the 0.67, 0.75 and 0.85 lab factors and 0.6 noncredit).

Further, it rejected proposals that would hold faculty harmless against changes designed to meet State regs on student units and hours. The impact of these changes will be to unilaterally cut pay and load credit for hundreds of classes in Music, the Sciences, Computer Science, and other disciplines.

The impact of these changes, which have not been negotiated with AFT 2121, will be to further drive down faculty wages at CCSF while the District pulls increasing amounts of money away from the classroom to administrators and its bloated reserves.

We have warned the District that we will take the necessary steps to stop their unilateral actions.

AFT 2121 calls on District to negotiate a fair contract now!

AFT 2121 called on the District to respond positively to AFT’s compensation offer and to reverse its regressive position on faculty workloads. Because the District has been stuck on its insulting compensation proposal we remain far apart in reaching an agreement. We hope our new proposal will help make progress but if the District continues its intransigence further action will be needed. AFT 2121 told the District that we want to meet several times over the break to negotiate. The District told us they would respond to our request next week. We have already been 5 months without a contract. There needs to a new sense of urgency in getting a fair contract.

Fri, December 4th: AFT 2121 “strike averted (for now)” victory party

There is more to do to win a fair contract but we stood firm and the District backed down from it’s most egregious unfair labor practices! Join us today for a toast to celebrate our victory.

AFT 2121 “strike averted (for now)” Victory Party
Friday, December 4th from 5:00-6:30pm
Randy’s Place, 1101 Ocean Ave. 
(at Lee)


The AFL-CIO has switched our email server. Please be sure to share AFT 2121 blasts with fellow faculty and tell them to contact us at if they are not receiving our communications. 

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