BOYCOTT the Chancellor’s Speech on January 15, 2016

We hoped that when Susan Lamb stepped into the role of Chancellor it meant a new start. Yet we’ve seen no changes in the District’s approach to bargaining. Six months working without a contract and our negotiations are at Impasse:

No More Business As Usual!
Boycott the Chancellor’s Speech
Meet in front of Diego Riviera Theater
Ocean Campus, Jan. 15th
Picket – 8:45 to 9:30am
Rally – 9:30 to 10:30am

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Susan Lamb has the power to settle a fair contract. We do not need more excuses or vague promises. Hold the Chancellor accountable! Boycott her speech. And let’s demonstrate that a fair contract must be made a top priority.
Make a video at the rally: “If I were Chancellor for a day…” 
What would you do if you could be the Chancellor for one day? Look for AFT videographers at our rally to make a one minute video to be shared on social media. Keep some of these facts in mind when making your notes:
*The Chancellor’s wage proposal barely brings faculty above 2007 salaries by 2018. Instead they are trying to fill the gaps with off-schedule “bonuses” that do not accumulate and do not add to retirement.
*The Chancellor has rejected our proposal for a minimum class size of 15. Lowering minimum class size is good for students. More sections stay open and it’s easier to enroll. Instead, the Chancellor plans to cut up to 26% of current course offerings over the next 6 years.
*The Chancellor wants more managerial control over faculty evaluations and intends to bring disciplinary action from non-academic issues into the process. Our evaluation process should remain collaborative, peer based, and aimed at professional development.
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